31 Best Reasons Why AMA Is Becoming Unpopular

31 Best Reasons Why AMA Is Becoming Unpopular

The following is a comment posted in this website.<<An Inconvenient Truth for AMA Chairman and President // August 10, 2008 at 11:52 am . >>> We found this very interesting, so read on guys….

31 Best Reasons Why AMA Is Becoming Unpopular

1. AMA has no concern for the students
2. AMA has no concern for the teachers
3. AMA has no care for its administrative staffs
4. AMA charges unreasonable miscellaneous fees.
5. AMA’s Jinco Printing service takes very long time (months/years) to book-bind student’s thesis
6. AMA’s cafeteria/canteen is unreasonably expensive.
7. AMA lacks academic and support staffs.
8. AMA harasses graduates/students in issuing TOR, Diploma or Certification.
9. AMA’s academic curriculums are not standard.
10. AMA has no gymnasium for Physical Education Classes.
11. AMA delays in releasing budgets for all school activities.
12. AMA’s technology is outdated.
13. AMA provides no guidelines/manual/handbook for employees
14. AMA offers extremely cheap salaries to teachers and administrative staffs compared to other colleges and universities with similar tuition fees.
15. AMA often delays in paying employee’s salary, over-time, substitution, tax refund, sick leave and VL leave payment.
16. AMA unlawfully deducts VL credit from employees due to cancellation of classes (Typhoon).
17. AMA has a very high turnover rate.
18. AMA prohibits employees to conduct research about AMA
19. AMA often dismisses employees without due process
20. AMA frequently changes policies without notice.
21. AMA often delays payments to its suppliers.
22. AMA seems to have no long-term plan.
23. AMA has no facilities (computer/printer/internet/zerox) for its teachers and staffs.
24. AMA has no close coordination/communication among different departments/divisions.
25. AMA discourages employee empowerment.
26. AMA employees do not have the right to exercise academic freedom
27. AMA’s management put the blame on AUDIT DEPARTMENT for all irregularities. How pathetic!
28. AMA has no trust on its employees.
29. AMA employees are frustrated.
30. AMA’s marketing is bogus marketing.
31. AMA has no good reputation as a whole.

(Results derived from a confidential survey conducted among students, faculty members, non-academic and managerial staff of major AMACC campuses nationwide, August 2008).


4 Responses

  1. Tell your children and grand children and their children’s children not to ENGAGE, ENDORSE and EMPHASIZE any AMAble related Bunsiness nationwide and abroad!!!


    Logo nila sa basketball!!

  2. oi reagan! ibalik mo ung PSP na project ng 2 kapwa estudyante namin…. accdg to 1 of ur co-tcher nabigay na nga NFE pa rin ang grade? may kulang p b un? AHHH… bka ung casing anoh? hahaha…. anh lufet! ginagamit mo lang pangalan ng mga teachers pra kumita ka eh. If we know, that we realy know… kaw naninira sa mga teachers dito s blogs. AMININ!!!! naghanap ba ng karamay? tlga namang corrupt ka eh… kya dapat lang matsugi ka sa AMA pra mabawasan mga teachers n ka2lad mo. Hi sir… peace po! am just telling the truth and nothing but the truth… so help me GOD! hahahahahahaha….

  3. Ganyan po talaga AMA Educational SYSTEM. PWedeng hindi lahat pero 99.99% po ng campus ganyan patakaran. Most of the time the teachers are newbies or inexperienced. Mas may power pa nga ang students kaysa sa teacher at pwede nila takutin mga teachers na ibabagsak nila sa evaluation. So the result, wala na gap sa student-teacher relationship. Yung ibang teacher nga eh kabarkada lang nila kasama sa DOTAHAN at INUMAN. Wala na seryosohan sa pag-aaral. Dba Pre? ay Sir pala.

  4. The tuition fee that we pay and the high cost of miscellaneous fees that we dont use at all goes to their project in Gen Trias, Cavite the school of Asia. Well it always a dream but now vanished due to they were toppled down by Cavite State University with their new Campus along Gov. Drive near Manggahan Intersection which is near to the said School of Asia. What AMA did is they convert it to a subdivision named “ARAVISTA” owned by PICAR holdings and also a part of AMA group of companies. So folks, be wise when choosing schools and colleges especially for the next generations, or you might be the next victim. Better safe than sorry.

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