Has Sicat Resigned? Or was kicked out?

Mrs. Sicat, the school director of AMA Makati, was absent from office for the last few weeks. It was rumored that she was suspended by the Head Office for two weeks. Well, for us, two-week suspension is NOT enough. It is not enough for the evil deeds she has done against the students, against the faculty members, against her fellow employees of AMA Makati, and against her bosses in Panay Avenue, Quezon City.

As of this writing, the wind told us that she was not connected anymore with AMA Makati, that is, she is no longer its School Director. The phrase “not connected” seems to be ambiguous. It is not yet clear whether she resigned from office, or was finally kicked out by her superiors. Whether or not she voluntarily resigned, the NEWS IS GOOD. In other words, that is GOOD NEWS. That is the effect of the KATAS NG FIELDTRIP SA SUBIC. She was the one who benefited most of that event. She was the one who contacted the travel agency and got commissions. She then again manipulated school activities such as that. She connived with some faculty members. Unfortunately, she failed this time. Good job for the Head Office. We thank you for your impartial investigation, even though Mrs. Sicat’s husband has familial ties with the top administration. Many will rejoice. Justice has prevailed indeed.

We are hoping that this is not just temporary. And we are hoping that the wind did not tell us lies.

Mrs. Sicat should submit her resume to AMA Cubao. They need a School Director there. Watch out!


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  1. totoo po ba ang lahat ng ito.hay sana nga po totoo.she’s not a good leade actually.walang ibang inisip kundi ang mangurakot kaya sobrang taba.sabi ng isa naming prof.pag graduation daw may allowance ang mga teachers na parang alila during graduation day.napag alaman na sa ibang branch eh may allowance daw.bkit sa makati wala?malamang hindi binibigay ni sicat baboy.sobrang plastik nyan,kung gano kababoy ang itsura ganun din kababoy ang ugali.hahaha

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