Political affiliations

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AMA_Computer_University

Amable Aguiluz V was Joseph Estrada‘s political endorser in the 1998 Presidential elections.[9] AMA was the first educational institution to award Joseph Estrada with a degree of Doctor of Humanities honoris causa.[citation needed] Aguiluz used the AMA campuses in various political rallies and forced students to attend as part of their academic attendance record.[citation needed] In 1998, Estrada appointed Aguiluz as Presidential adviser on Information and Communication Technology and on 1999 as chairman of the Presidential Commission on Year 2000 Compliance. Aguiluz brought officials of AMA into the commission and many business leaders criticised the commission from being an extension of AMA.[citation needed] Aguiluz resigned from the Commission in November 1999 due to a controversial purchase of equipment by the commission from a subsidiary of the AMA Group of Companies.

In 2001, Aguiluz switched affiliations to Gloria Macapagal Arroyo because Estrada was jailed and Aguiluz was afraid to be handed the same fate.[citation needed] Aguiluz’s father Amable Aguiluz Sr. was Diosdado Macapagal‘ s friend and Aguiluz Sr. served as Chairman and Auditor-general of the Commission on Audit in the 1960s.[10] Arroyo was invited to AMA’s sponsored political rallies. In 1995, Arroyo attended a political rally in AMA when she ran for re-election as senator. Arroyo attended all graduation rites for AMA from 2002 to 2005. [11] Arroyo cited AMA for not participating in cause oriented and student activist groups. [12] Arroyo appointed Aguiluz as Presidential Adviser for the Middle East. [13]


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  1. Tell your children and grand children and their children’s children not to ENGAGE, ENDORSE and EMPHASISE any AMAble related Bunsiness nationwide and abroad!!!


    Logo nila sa basketball!!

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