Accreditation Issues


On November 12, 2004, 23 Philippine nursing schools were disqualified, including AMA Computer College, Makati. CHED chairman Rolando dela Rosa ordered these schools to close. The 23 schools were not granted permits (upon recommendation of Technical Committee for Nursing Education (TCNE) and regional offices) because they failed to comply with these requirements: a qualified dean, a compliant curriculum, a faculty staff with masteral degree in nursing, a base hospital where students can hold their actual training. A few weeks after, dela Rosa resigned after AMACC appealed the case to President Gloria Arroyo [15] [16].

Many of the offered courses in most of the AMACC and ACLC small branches are not accredited.[17] [18] There was this case of electronics and communications engineering students were not allowed to take the board exams because their course were not recognized by the Commission on Higher Education.


2 Responses

  1. is this true? AMACC as well can you please help me or us to find out if AMACC PQUE Branch is accredited i have friends graduated in AMACC Pque – there TOR and DIPLOMA was printed and SIGNED named AMA COMPUTER COLLEGE MAKATI can we find out and helped my friends can we help them?

    We appreciate all the help….. THANKS

  2. Tell your children and grand children and their children’s children not to ENGAGE, ENDORSE and EMPHASIZE any AMAble related Bunsiness nationwide and abroad!!!


    Logo nila sa basketball!!

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