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3 Responses

  1. mayarroyo ano naman kwento mo??

  2. Problem in getting transcript of records

    I graduated from AMA Makati Campus May 2004. Because of some circumstances, I wasnt able to get my TCG. February 2008, I went to the office of the registrar, at the now newly built AMA Makati Campus building to finally get my TCG and diploma. I was told to come back, its not yet prepared. A contact number was given should I wish to follow up.A week before March 2008, I called to follow up, and Karen told me that I should I can get the docs I need. But when i got there, only my diploma was given, printed only at the time i got there, TCG is still not ready. Nawawala daw. Bumalik na lang ako ng Sabado, March 29.

    But I was leaving for the province on the 27th and will need to stay for some time, So I said my uncle will get the documents for me. My uncle went there and came back empty handed. Uncle said Karen told him that she will just hand-carry my TCG to our address, since that’s on her route going home. (how very convenient, but is that the school’s protocol?)

    May 2008, and i had my sister follow up, since I was still in the province. Result is still in the negative.

    Its now October, and when i followed-up via telephone, Karen passed me to a certain Jonas, who asked me, questions regarding my TCG (who would’nt give me his lastname, or direct contact number) He gave off an impression of efficiency and told me that I should go to their office, on a Saturday, Oct 11, look for him, so i could finally get my TCG. But having endured several times of going there and leaving empty handed, I called their office to make sure, that what i needed is indeed ready. To my dismay and several attempts of phone calls, nobody was answering the phone.

    I admit that I should have gotten my TCG as soon as I graduated. My fault. But what the hell is wrong with the
    ‘high-tech, high standard’ policy that the resistrar’s staff is so very inneficient? Hindi ba nila masabi na my problema po, wag na muna kayo pumunta. I kept asking that Jonas, was there a problem, you couldnt give my my TCG, di ba dapat nala-store na ang record nun sa computer, wala daw. Kunin na sa sabado, e kahit telepono, di nila masagot. Ano, pupunta ako dun baka wala palang tao.

    AMA management, ano ba naman yan, baka dapat bago kayo mag-expang ng mga campus at learning centers, i-train niyo muna ang staff niyo ng a basic courtesy at efficiency.

  3. Tell your children and grand children and their children’s children not to ENGAGE, ENDORSE and EMPHASISE any AMAble related Bunsiness nationwide and abroad!!!


    Logo nila sa basketball!!


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