New Hope or False Hope?

The 1st Trimester was over. The 2nd Trimester started today. How we wish that some officials of AMA Makati stop their selfishness and “moderate their greed” as what Jun Lozada has stated before. How we, as students, enjoy fully the benefits that we deserve as students, to be specific, AMA students. We are hoping that Ms. Marietta Sicat will truly hear of sentiments for we are the backbone of this institution. Without us, AMA Makati will cease to exist.

We are hoping that positive changes will take effect. Some faculty members sacrificed a lot for us, for the betterment of our college. We observed a new face of the building facade in AMA One. Will this change means new hope for us? Or a false hope for all of us who are crying for a change?

Let us wait and see.. Let us get involve ourselves in our fight in this second trimester.


2 Responses

  1. I know who you are. My friend, i know everything about can’t hide from me. Dr. Jamito. I am with you dear.

  2. nice ma’am!! lol

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