Two Weeks of Protest

We, concerned students of AMA Makati, are very glad and thankful for all the students and employees who worn their black shirts, jackets, and pants last Friday, August 8, 2008. You deserve due respect and acknowledgment because you have shown your concern for us. In this small deed, we were able to air our sentiments to the present administration of AMA Makati.

This endeavor is not yet over. The movement has just started. We then call everyone, every AMA constituent, to wear any black shirt, pants, or jacket for the remaining two successive weeks prior to the end of this trimester. The first trimester ends on August 23, 2008. We boldly declare AUGUST 11 – 23 as the TWO-WEEK PROTEST IN AMA MAKATI.

We are making history in this institution. Let us not be shaken by the intimidation from AMA Makati administration. We are the BREAD AND BUTTER of this college. We are the foundation of this institution. Without us, AMA Makati will not exist. So we deserve quality education; we deserve fair and just treatment; we deserve to be represented in the decision-making process affecting us.

We urge everyone to WEAR ANY BLACK SHIRT, JACKET, OR PANTS ANYDAY from August 11-23.

May the good Lord open the hearts and minds of administration officials for all these things.


3 Responses

  1. Matagal nang patay ang hustisya jan sa AMA. Matagal na ring wala jan ang mga magagaling na Teachers/Instructors ng CCS at COE. Mangilan ngilan na lang din ang mga magagaling na Propessor ng CAS na hanggang ngayon nagtitiis sa baluktot na sistema ng negosyong AMA.

    At sa pagdaan ng panahon, naging BALAHURA na ang management ng AMA-Makati! Ganid! Alam ni Sicat ang ginagawa ng mga teachers nya at ilang mga tao sa Admin, isama na ang mga sipsip sa kanya (dekana, feeling librarian na manunuba atbp.) at kapag nalagay siya sa alanganin ilalaglag nya. Alam nyo na kung sino sino ang tinutukoy ko.


    At kayo mga istudyante, bakit kayo nagpapakagago jan? Lumipat na kayo. Maraming paaralan na worth ng ibinabayad nyo!

  2. ahhh,,,

  3. @Pexer: I concur with your comment. It was a waste of money to study in AMA, their ways of teaching, the poorest facilities and most of all the CORRUPTION of their Faculty Staff. I thought that all courses are competitive especially when you’re in abroad. But now im here in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and I should be working in an IT company but where did I land? Costco Wholesale as AM Merchandiser although their salary is big but still not related in my course i’ve finished in AMA. I applied all IT companies here in Calgary but they don’t recognized my course, skills and AMA itself. I’m so ashamed!!! I wasted my money for studying in AMA just to find a better job here in Calgary but what did I get? NOTHING!!!

    For those who want to study at AMA, try to think first before you decide or else…

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