Mrs. Sicat still in power

We really can’t fully understand as to why Mrs. Sicat is still in power. It was proven that she is the MOST CORRUPT OFFICIAL in AMA Makati. Noon at ngayon – she displays an animalistic behavior we cannot tolerate no more. Makapangyarihan nga naman. But we believe that her evil works will soon vanish. She posted instructions in every classroom for us students not to give money to our professors, but this is just a trick. Ano ang ibig niyang iparating sa amin? Na nanunuhol kami para lang makapasa? Ano ang ibig niyang iparating sa mga professors? Na tumatanggap sila ng bayad para lang kami ipasa? She has the guts, but she has no integrity to do that.

She wants to appear as an angel – an angel of darkness.


Has Sicat Resigned? Or was kicked out?

Mrs. Sicat, the school director of AMA Makati, was absent from office for the last few weeks. It was rumored that she was suspended by the Head Office for two weeks. Well, for us, two-week suspension is NOT enough. It is not enough for the evil deeds she has done against the students, against the faculty members, against her fellow employees of AMA Makati, and against her bosses in Panay Avenue, Quezon City.

As of this writing, the wind told us that she was not connected anymore with AMA Makati, that is, she is no longer its School Director. The phrase “not connected” seems to be ambiguous. It is not yet clear whether she resigned from office, or was finally kicked out by her superiors. Whether or not she voluntarily resigned, the NEWS IS GOOD. In other words, that is GOOD NEWS. That is the effect of the KATAS NG FIELDTRIP SA SUBIC. She was the one who benefited most of that event. She was the one who contacted the travel agency and got commissions. She then again manipulated school activities such as that. She connived with some faculty members. Unfortunately, she failed this time. Good job for the Head Office. We thank you for your impartial investigation, even though Mrs. Sicat’s husband has familial ties with the top administration. Many will rejoice. Justice has prevailed indeed.

We are hoping that this is not just temporary. And we are hoping that the wind did not tell us lies.

Mrs. Sicat should submit her resume to AMA Cubao. They need a School Director there. Watch out!

Problem in getting transcript of records

Message sent from

I graduated from AMA Makati Campus May 2004. Because of some circumstances, I wasnt able to get my TCG. February 2008, I went to the office of the registrar, at the now newly built AMA Makati Campus building to finally get my TCG and diploma. I was told to come back, its not yet prepared. A contact number was given should I wish to follow up.A week before March 2008, I called to follow up, and Karen told me that I should I can get the docs I need. But when i got there, only my diploma was given, printed only at the time i got there, TCG is still not ready. Nawawala daw. Bumalik na lang ako ng Sabado, March 29.

But I was leaving for the province on the 27th and will need to stay for some time, So I said my uncle will get the documents for me. My uncle went there and came back empty handed. Uncle said Karen told him that  she will just hand-carry my TCG to our address, since that’s on her route going home. (how very convenient, but is that the school’s protocol?)

May 2008, and i had my sister follow up, since I was still in the province. Result is still in the negative.

Its now October, and when i followed-up via telephone, Karen passed me to a certain Jonas, who asked me, questions regarding my TCG (who would’nt give me his lastname, or direct contact number) He gave off an impression of efficiency and told me that I should go to their office, on a Saturday, Oct 11, look for him, so i could finally get my TCG. But having endured several times of going there and leaving empty handed, I called their office to make sure, that what i needed is indeed ready. To my dismay and several attempts of phone calls, nobody was answering the phone.

I admit that I should have gotten my TCG as soon as I graduated. My fault. But what the hell is wrong with the
‘high-tech, high standard’ policy that the resistrar’s staff is so very inneficient? Hindi ba nila masabi na my problema po, wag na muna kayo pumunta. I kept asking that Jonas, was there a problem, you couldnt give my my TCG, di ba dapat nala-store na ang record nun sa computer, wala daw. Kunin na sa sabado, e kahit telepono, di nila masagot. Ano, pupunta ako dun baka wala palang tao.

AMA management, ano ba naman yan, baka dapat bago kayo mag-expang ng mga campus at learning centers, i-train niyo muna ang staff niyo ng a basic courtesy at efficiency.

P30,000 kinurakot ni Sir Orly

This is one of the emails sent to us at… We are posting it here. We do not know if this is true but it is worth to read on.

Si Sir Orly ay inosente kung titingnan,

pero demonyo sa kaloob-looban.

Nanghingi at nanghihingi ng kaperahan

simula’t sapol pa man.

Sa halagang 100 pesos

hiningi niya sa mga estudyante

Ay kanyang ipinagbili

Kaluluwa niya at budhi.

Para daw sa NSTP

At sa pagrerenovate ng helipad

Estudyante ng NSTP humigit kumulang sa 200

Times 100 pesos, pagkalaki-laki.

Ngaun naman ay nanghingi

P30,000 pesos sa estudyante

Makapangyarihan nga naman daw

Department Head na si Sir Orly!



In 1999, a student from AMA Computer College Makati named Onel de Guzman submitted a thesis proposal for the creation of a computer program that will hack into computer systems and extract vital information, particularly Internet Service accounts.[5] The proposal was unanimously rejected by the College of Computer Studies academic board. De Guzman was scheduled to complete his studies in 2000 and an academic subject called “THESIS A” was one of his final requirements before graduation. After AMA’s graduation day on May 3, 2000, an email trojan called ILOVEYOU spread all throughout the globe and caused delays in several online transactions. The “ILOVEYOU” virus unleashed a flood of e-mail that hit at least 45 million users in at least 20 countries, according to one estimate. The virus started with “ILOVEYOU” in the subject line, but several variations appeared soon afterward, including one masquerading as an e-mail joke and another as a receipt for a Mother’s Day gift. The virus both replicates itself and steals the user names and passwords of unsuspecting victims. The e-mail replies from angry virus recipients to the creator passed through a U.S. e-mail address, ““, which then forwarded them to the two Access.Net (Philippine Internet Service Provider) e-mail accounts used by the virus creator – “” and ““.[6]

The virus, according to Guinness World Records, was the most widespread computer virus of all time.[citation needed] The virus was traced to an apartment room in downtown Manila. The tenant was Onel de Guzman. Guzman was invited by the Philippines’ National Bureau of Investigation for questioning. De Guzman, in an interview, admitted spreading the virus “by accident”.[7]. In reaction to the news, AMA expelled de Guzman from AMA Makati and considered him as “drop-out” for life. The NBI charged De Guzman for violation of Republic Act 8484 or the Access Devices Regulation Act on 1998.[8] But due to lack of sufficiency the Philippine Department of Justice dropped the charges as there was no clear laws regulating the World Wide Web. Due to this incident, June 14, 2000, Republic Act 8792 known as Philippine Electronic Commerce Act of 2000 was signed.

Political affiliations


Amable Aguiluz V was Joseph Estrada‘s political endorser in the 1998 Presidential elections.[9] AMA was the first educational institution to award Joseph Estrada with a degree of Doctor of Humanities honoris causa.[citation needed] Aguiluz used the AMA campuses in various political rallies and forced students to attend as part of their academic attendance record.[citation needed] In 1998, Estrada appointed Aguiluz as Presidential adviser on Information and Communication Technology and on 1999 as chairman of the Presidential Commission on Year 2000 Compliance. Aguiluz brought officials of AMA into the commission and many business leaders criticised the commission from being an extension of AMA.[citation needed] Aguiluz resigned from the Commission in November 1999 due to a controversial purchase of equipment by the commission from a subsidiary of the AMA Group of Companies.

In 2001, Aguiluz switched affiliations to Gloria Macapagal Arroyo because Estrada was jailed and Aguiluz was afraid to be handed the same fate.[citation needed] Aguiluz’s father Amable Aguiluz Sr. was Diosdado Macapagal‘ s friend and Aguiluz Sr. served as Chairman and Auditor-general of the Commission on Audit in the 1960s.[10] Arroyo was invited to AMA’s sponsored political rallies. In 1995, Arroyo attended a political rally in AMA when she ran for re-election as senator. Arroyo attended all graduation rites for AMA from 2002 to 2005. [11] Arroyo cited AMA for not participating in cause oriented and student activist groups. [12] Arroyo appointed Aguiluz as Presidential Adviser for the Middle East. [13]

Hello Garci Scandal


The 2005 Hello Garci scandal, also known as the 2004 Presidential election rigging controversy, is one of the controversies against the President Gloria Arroyo. AMA, using its income from the university, commissioned four related SWS national public opinion surveys dated October 22 and 27, 2005. [14] These questions are:
1) The Congress and Senate are just wasting money and time in their investigations regarding jueteng and the Garci tapes, 2) The opposition does not have a clear plan for the country. Its only objective is to bring down the current administration, 3) Often, news on television, on radio and in newspapers are purely negative and are no longer helping the country, 4) In spite of the accusations being hurled against Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, she still continues to implement good reforms.
Many militant groups and opposition politicians questioned the survey questions. The results of the survey are:

  • On the first test statement, about half (54%) of Filipinos agree, while a fifth (22%) disagree, and another fifth (20%) are undecided. The net agreement is +32, indicating moderate agreement;
  • On the second test statement, 37% of Filipinos agree, while 28% disagree, and 31% are undecided. The net agreement is +9, indicating a split opinion;
  • On the third test statement, 41% of Filipinos agree, while 29% disagree, and 28% are undecided. The net agreement is +12, indicating a slight agreement.
  • On the last test statement, 37% of Filipinos agree, 34% disagree, and 26% are undecided. The net agreement (% agree minus % disagree) is +3, indicating a split opinion.